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                                                                                                                                                                                                              August   2009

Dear Friends,           

            Yes, most of you are our friends. We have been slowed a bit by circumstances in God’s control; we are still working, but at a more relaxed pace. (For Gene’s #76, we will be out July 16-August 3.) Gene no longer drives; he still serves as Mr. Secretary and keeps the shipped projects moving out.

            Styles continue to change, especially regarding simplicity. Though trims are still good, they are not as “frou frou” as in years past. Shades seem to be more tailored. New ways to move window treatments proves we are always working on technology. Evidence demonstrates this with “In the Groove” treatments, “Easy Pull” for draperies and last but certainly not least motorization. Who would have thought five or more years back that we would be pushing buttons to raise and lower shades, open and close drapes, and even open the louvers on shutters. Yes, we are capable of handling any of these situations.

We have a major supply of Kirsch rods –white wear. After August 15th, we will have a white sale.

 Gene and I continue to school and go regularly to shows in order to stay up to date. Our stock of fabric and trim books remains current for your convenience. The library of designs has additions for all of our convenience. Your ideas are always great to have and we appreciate them. We also continue to need your e-mail addresses; email them to us or you may leave them on our answering machine. We hope to see you soon! 



Doris C. Graham


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